Should Poor Women be Steralized

Does the state have a vested interest in preventing the creation of future wards of the state?

Birth Control is free with Medical but now some states want let medicaid funds be spent on abortions, however they will spend money sterilizing women as part of plea deals and prison "early releases" and in other situations such as mental retardation.

My good friend had to fight to have her own sister steralized. Her sister will we ever be able to consent to see because her mental age is 6. She is blind as well and will never be able to care for heself. Her mental cycle was a disgusting and frightening mystery to her. My friend had full power of attorney and guardianship over the young woman and after the lady was molested in a care facility – the very real possibility of her becoming pregnant and compounding her frustrating menses became an issue. I had never thought about it before.

What are your thoughts?


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