23 March, 2015 13:13

Conrad’s Restaurant in Pasadena will never see my face again.
They asked a guest to take his food "to go" because is a homeless panhandler.


2 thoughts on “23 March, 2015 13:13

  1. there seems to be some disagreement as to what really happened here. prior to making judgement or comment, take a look at what the local cbs station reported – http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2015/03/23/pasadena-woman-says-she-wont-eat-at-restaurant-again-over-how-she-claims-transient-was-treated/ as ity appears pretty balanced.

    any business has the right to decide who they transact business with, but they also get to deal with the fallout of those decisions. the difficult thing here is knowing what really happened.

    Personally I think it’s in conrad’s best interest to serve any guest that is not unruly or a bother to their patrons. If however that person is serving a function of making paying customers patronize said business less often then it may be in their interest to disuade their presence as an impediment too business.

    1. I read it.
      I’ve also brought in homeless people with me as my lunch guests.
      I don’t care of they panhandle outside or not. That seems a poor reason t OK turn someone away but still take the money.

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