Do you see black and blue? #thedress

Domestic Violence is the leading cause if homelessness in women and children but is often under reported.

I was pleased to see it covered on Nashville, the television show last night.

When a person claims D.V. we say "claims" and not "reports" because we are so eager to be skeptical. Also, so much of the yelling, demeaning, isolating are fringe behaviors in a person who is decent and normal 84% of the time. They don’t look like a village there is no Cave of Vile news where in they plot world domination they are charming get to other folks … and it is easy to wonder if the slap, or push, or hiding of keys is significant. ..maybe you are just over dramatic?

Anyway… my point is look what the Salvation Army did with this tweet.

Salvation Army Uses White-and-Gold/Black-and-Blue Dress in Domestic Violence Ad


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