CNN: On LAPD shooting, take a broader view

The article by @cnn is thoughtfuk , read here
But I have to ask, if homeless folk can register to vote with an Intersection as an address – isn’t a tent legally a home? Did the police forcibly enter a dwelling without knocking first?

Admitted:the Central Division are crap. I’ve seen them wait for a homeless man to finish his Starbucks and arrest him for trespass before he could put the empty cup down.

I’ve waited 4 hours for them to come when I found a dead body in a shelter.

I waited 1 hour for them to come 2 blocks we. 2 men had a knife fight. They finally came when I called and said "I’m white, and I’m scared.".

The Central Division sees the most homeless people and the most mentally disturbed population. Age comes like LAMP have done trainings for the rookie classes – but nothing improves their poor policing for the low income and marginalized.

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