Don’t Ask Your Caseworkers to Cross Streams

Cash Aid workers know about Cash Aid.
GAIN Workers know about Welfare to Work
Job Club Workers know how to write resumes and do a job search
Teachers teach
Administrators are Circus Ring Leaders
…. and you, as the client need to keep your cast of characters clear.
When you come into an office and start pulling out facts you have printed from the internet and asking as if you are the social worker in the case, you do yourself a disservice.
Knowledge is power and of course you should be educated – however, the case worker sitting across from you has real life experience with the program you are trying to use. Trust them. Ask them to remember that they are on Team You!

Do not ask your cash aid worker to exclude you from Welfare to work activities because your son has a learning disability. That is like asking the person at the McDonald’s Drive Through Window to add butter sauce to the steak you’re thinking of eating tomorrow. It is all vaguely related but not the way you think it will work.

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