Don’t Ask Your Caseworkers to Cross Streams

Cash Aid workers know about Cash Aid. GAIN Workers know about Welfare to Work Job Club Workers know how to write resumes and do a job search Teachers teach Administrators are Circus Ring Leaders …. and you, as the client need to keep your cast of characters clear. When you come into an office andContinue reading “Don’t Ask Your Caseworkers to Cross Streams”

Is this racist?

Republicans. Democrats. Racist. Liberal. Conservative. I real all the posts and newsletters from both parties and I have noticed several comments that are blatant racism and some that sneak by without anyone calling them on it. I care because I need policies and laws in place that benefit all people and do not marginalize basedContinue reading “Is this racist?”

Be a giver

I came across this today while reading "The Christmas Wedding", by James Patterson. We don’t always have anything to give, and I’ve spent time being an empty bucket of need. However I went to school, picked a focus and became someone I wanted to be who could give back. There was a time when IContinue reading “Be a giver”

Should we repeal the Maximum Family Grant? Hint: YES!

Here is the story from the Sacramento Bee The law passed two decades ago, with Democrats in charge of the Legislature: In California, a family that conceives and births an additional child while on welfare is barred from getting an increase in its grant. Today, with Democrats still in the majority, the measure’s base ofContinue reading “Should we repeal the Maximum Family Grant? Hint: YES!”

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