How unprofessional

I was up and dressed and even wore makeup today. I was out the door at 7 because I had to drop the baby at day care before making it to the Chatsworth DCFS Office where I was the featured speaker in their multiservice wrap around meeting.

I came directly back to the office and did not take a lunch break. As you know, the last week of the month is Hell and reports are pressing. As you also know: I make all of my appointments 10 or more business days in advance. I was told I was speaking at this about a week ago.

When I walked in I was scolded. I was threatened with a write up for unprofessional conduct and arriving half way through the day while having a full calendar of clients walk in.

Sigh. Really?

I was assigned this morning’s task, I didn’t volunteer. It was given to me well after appointments were made.

I walked away and sent the supervisor the email where I told her that today’s speaking was a hardship bit I’d be happy to do my part.

There were no apologies.

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