I wish I had the luxury to be a conservative Republican

Republican. Im.a registered Republican and I am sure the GOP doesn’t want me.

Most Republicans are Conservatives. In my Romance genre reading and ice cream inundated comatose state I could believe I was rich and the problems of poor people wouldn’t bug me.

Sadly, I have seen people deliver dead babies because they couldn’t afford food to feed themselves while pregnant.

I have seen children born and put up for adoption but never adopted while my friends are storing multiple frozen embryos and denouncing abortion.

I know some parts of life are "icky" but I don’t put on white gloves and throw a tea party while sneering :I roll up my God Dammed Sleeves and jump into the clean up.

Who the hell are these people who won’t get over their comfort zones and rule for the rest of us and join us in reality?!?!?

Oh. They are stupid fear mongers and there is science to back that. http://www.ifyouonlynews.com/politics/six-telling-studies-show-how-conservative-and-liberal-minds-are-wired-differently/


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