Abortions and Equality

I’ve had enough friends miscarry or have babies die before birth to understand the importance of a 20 week abortion.

A little bit of Science … not too much, I’m not asking you to master Common Core Math here, you can do this…. A little bit of science will tell you that a fetus dies not feel pain at 20 weeks and can not live outside the mother at this point.

Just a few real life interactions with pregnant people will show you that women are not haphazardly choosing late term abortions as birth control.

And because I talk about poverty, some poorer people can not afford to pay for an abortion u til this late in the pregnancy.

Women are people. They are equal to men. Why are men legislating the reproduction systems of women?

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2 thoughts on “Abortions and Equality

  1. why do you deny the humanity of the unborn? this is not a question of Men legislating the reproductive systems of women, It is a question of the value of and how we treat our fellow human beings. I begin with 2 questions: Is an unborn baby a unique living organism different from it’s mother? (and) Is that unborn baby uniquely human or do we deny it’s humanity? It is relatively simple to demonstrate and affirm both as being true. Given that we have a unique human being Why and or how do we then allow ourselves or others to deny that unique human being the basic and fundamental human right to life? It is also not a matter of your feeling pain when your life is taken from you by another. Just because someone can kill you without you experiencing pain does that give them the right to take your life? Somehow I don’t think so. Yes, an unplanned pregnancy can be a hardship and those Males that fail to be MEN and support their children and fail to treat women with appropriate respect ought be strung up by their balls! There are options and support available for an unplanned pregnancy and adoption is a great option as well. none of this however justifies the taking the life of another human being who has of them self done no wrong.

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