How unprofessional

I was up and dressed and even wore makeup today. I was out the door at 7 because I had to drop the baby at day care before making it to the Chatsworth DCFS Office where I was the featured speaker in their multiservice wrap around meeting. I came directly back to the office andContinue reading “How unprofessional”

Abortion, Dignity, Quality if Life

I see parents who can’t take care of themselves -and are unable to provide love, care, food for their children every day. I know the Foster Care and Child Protection system is about as well run as a prison just minutes before a riot. I know the idea of Human Life is a huge dealContinue reading “Abortion, Dignity, Quality if Life”

Today was a fun day

I went with @Mendpoverty to Universal Studios CityWalk to discuss their upcoming "Hollywood’s Biggest Night" gala to watch the Academy Awards. The great thing about working in Burbank is that I didn’t need a freeway to get to NBC UNIVERSAL. I love when kind and great people get together to make the lives of othersContinue reading “Today was a fun day”

The People on the Offramp

It makes me nervous to see folks standing on the side of the rode, the off-ramp, or intersection asking for money. I am afraid FOR them, not of them. Hospitalizations are a common occurrence for someone who falls into traffic or doesn’t vacate the roadway fast enough or just wants to be hit by aContinue reading “The People on the Offramp”

I wish I had the luxury to be a conservative Republican

Republican. Im.a registered Republican and I am sure the GOP doesn’t want me. Most Republicans are Conservatives. In my Romance genre reading and ice cream inundated comatose state I could believe I was rich and the problems of poor people wouldn’t bug me. Sadly, I have seen people deliver dead babies because they couldn’t affordContinue reading “I wish I had the luxury to be a conservative Republican”

Work sucks

Well… the actual work doesn’t suck. Meeting with people and exploring solutions and stuff…yes, STUFF is my technical term here:I can do that. Monday at lunch time a Co-worker left his badge on the desk and walked out the door never to be seen or heard from again. *poof* Tomorrow is Ani’s last day becauseContinue reading “Work sucks”

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