Socking it to the New Year

Socks and the homeless.
It seems like an odd combination. I’m going to sit right here while you put a cube of ice under the bridge of your toes. Go ahead, I will wait.

Ouch! Right?

When money is tight it all goes to food and shelter. Socks are just not in the budget. Socks fall into the survival priority cue after food, shelter and deodorant – oh and cleaning the clothes people can see. No one sees your socks. They seem like a luxury item. They are not.

Throw the ice away and pay attention to how much pain you are in when your feet are cold. Think of all the times you have stumbled because your feet were frozen and numb. Consider all the circulation issues with Diabetes and neuropathy. Feet are important. Protecting them and keeping them healthy and warm is also important.

My friend Mark Horvath has been passionate about socks for the poor and homeless for years. Here he is on Ricki Lake  talking about donating socks, and Hanes has often heard the call to action. .

I know the Schremp Family from a little organization called the Free and Accepted Masons  (you know, the Water Buffalo Lodge for Fred Flintstone in real life would be the Masonic Lodge). We are all part of the all girl youth group called Job’s Daughters which teaches lessons about facing your hard times with hope and faith that better things are yet to come.

Hopefully poverty is temporary for anyone experiencing it – but tonight it will be a little warmer for some.

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