Today at work

Today I have spent more time reconnecting phone lines and repairing hardware issues( for other workers) than doing anything else. I did have that quick moment where I ran home to get my own cell phone – but apparently I can be trusted with technologies that belong to other people

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3 thoughts on “Today at work

  1. Oh my goodness! I have seen the link to this site about a billion times in Google (im actually researching how to acquire some very much needed resources). But because I am not a GAIN client, I kept passing over the link. Well, about 30 minutes ago I finally clicked a link and was brought to your post about being the Wicked Witch…lol…

    And though your picture seemed kind of familiar, I continued reading through several posts. As I read, I thought to myself, “no way…theres only ever been one person in a social services office (that i know of anyhow) that does the things this lady is saying.”

    Then I saw a picture of your desk…and had an immediate flashback to a couple years ago, when I had guardianship of my grandson….and an appointment with Sonya Keith!

    I just wanted to tell you, Sonya, that you truly are an amazing woman, and an inspiration for so many! Too bad DPSS doesnt have more workers like you.

    I cannot ever thank you enough for going above and beyond the call of duty when I was on your caseload.

    I no longer have guardianship of my grandson, he was finally able to return to his mother as it should be. But I am still a part of the system, and wish you could clone yourself and be my worker in the GR office! I know you would somehow find the resources I desperately need! Im homeless, and a full time student, but exempted from GROW due to health issues. You would think somebody in the office would know where I could get a monthly bus pass….

    Siiigh…the world needs more of you!



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