Keeping the Humanity

Keeping the humanity in human services is something every newbie thinks is obvious and every veteran worker knows is nigh on impossible.

A thousand times an hour I find myself thinking things like
1. Cheater cheater, pumpkin eater
2. I’d never do what you’re doing
3. You aren’t trying get hard enough
4. Quit whining
5. Just do what I want you to do!

So, yes. Basically I’m a horrible and judgy person.

The truth is that given half a chance I make decisions so far worse than anyone ever imagined, I look for ways to manipulate the rules, I miss obvious social cues and sometimes … I just do what I want and cross my fingers that I’m not inciting the apocalypse.

So I keep pictures of my kids, and my friend’s families, and bright colors and art in my office.

When you see the whole thing you will immediately ask if I’ve ever been a teacher. No. I am not a teacher but I come from a family of them.

Me? I picked a career paying less than teaching. Also, I love kids and hate their parents… oh snap! All of my clients are parents.

I didn’t even think that move through.

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