Learning to be Housed

” How important is it that I pay rent ?”.

As jaw droppingly stupid as hearing those words from someone who is expecting a new car tomorrow is – I heard them last night. Often homelessness is caused – not by lack of resources- but by the unwise spending of resources. (Gas to go far away, large televisions, paying excessive amounts to repair luxury items like televisions, new clothes, gambling, partying, cell phones, hair dye , etc all seem readily fundable but basic housing and utility money is scarce.) This is caused by two factors:

× not having the skills to money manage wisely.

× not respecting the people whom you owe money to.

Over the years (and let’s be honest, last night) I have heard the same old story from people in and out of my home. There is always an absurd excuse such as

1. My landlord doesn’t really need the money. I’ve seen how they live and how they spend their money so I’ve decided they don’t need me to pay them (on time , the full amount , at all).
**** Hello? It totally isn’t your position to decide that a legal contract doesn’t really apply to you just because you don’t think the other party really needs your money.

2. I have a sob story. So many unexpected issues came up that I could have prevented or saved up for.
*** You have a job and other income that far exceeds your debt amount. Part of that money should also be in am emergency savings account so you can preserve your housing. “Rent” is an expected issue. It should be a planned expense.

3. I’m charming and manipulative so the rules don’t apply to me.
*** Wait. What? Yes they do! The rules totally do. You signed a legal document agreeing to the rules.

Housing First models are difficult because most people want housing but not all of them are willing to learn to be housed.

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