I want a #BlackOut

As a Single White Female and the mother of two white daughters in a middle class neighborhood ( and a registered Republican): I am calling for a Black Out.

Give me a day where no man, woman or child of a dark color goes to work.  Or, let them go to work and hold a sign that says “You said I don’t matter, how is that working out for you? #BlackOut”.

I live in Los Angeles and occasionally we have “brown outs” which make the point that Latinos and Spanish, Central and South American descendants contribute heavily into making the world run smoothly. Perhaps we need to take a modern look at the value of black labor too , you know, something more recent than emancipation perhaps.

Black Out sign and American Flag
#BlackOut Black Lives Matter in the USA

Even my freckles are pale, so why do I care? – you may ask. Simple. People matter. Human life is an unmeasurable gift and every person is special.  Even the teens who rob liquor stores , adults who sell untaxed single cigarettes, and especially kids drinking tea and eating candy on their way home, matter. ( for those of you who suffer from The Dumb , I am referencing black males killed in recent years and whose deaths the justice system gave a big Thumbs Up to) Black Lives Matter. My friends Darryl, Rochelle, Tiffany and Nene and ( oh my God I really don’t have a proportionate sampling of black friends…) and next door neighbors matter. However I don’t think the Grand Juries of America agree with me. We have entire factions of political leaders who refuse to work with our black president.  I read all the comments and hate speech about thugs and animals and such – so very like when the Europeans were catching slaves and Nazis were dehumanizing Jews so they could treat them poorly with impunity.

We are not a post racial America. We are a county that knows where Racism has created inequality and some of us use those flaws to block voters form being represented, seniors from affording burial insurance, families from housing and people from employment and we are a country that incarcerates and strips freedom from black citizens more frequently than any other demographic group.

Give me a #BlackOut and make the point that all people matter – and people of color are PEOPLE. … also, a little something keeps getting stuck in my head “Liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL ”

Please, repost, share, tweet, edit ( as long as the spirit remains the same) at will.

XOXO Sonya

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