This week out of the Welfare office

In the welfare office things are as predicated …

  • The super large former gang banger is collecting toys for his side charity work.
  • My boss snickers when I mention that some individual recognition for my quality of work would be both shocking and appreciated.
  • Administration remains oblivious that actual people work and create the number in their reports.
  • Our Company Holiday Party isn’t allowing children and will probably be held in a non handicapped friendly location (again)

Outside of the Welfare office I’ve been reading the attacks on poor people by other “not as poor” people. Most of this is in Facebook.

It seems too slippery a thought to hold that Social Security, Disability, Medi-Care and In Home Supportive Services are “Welfare Programs” as much as cash assistance to low income families is.

People also don’t seem to understand that people in poverty work and pay taxes and live in strict income and time limit guidelines.

I think it is true that the lower income folks are encouraged to fight among themselves rather than band together against the Uber rich who no longer pay the taxes that once kept our economy flowing and people employed. This is a screen shot form my Verizon Samsung Galaxyphone of a graphic put up in “Pacoima Represent!” – a community page for my low income portion of Los Angeles.

Also, clearly they have never done the fun research on the first lady to file for Social Security – she didn’t earn that money either.

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