Sleeping Out for One Night

I see you on the news coverage of the @roseparade, bundled into sleeping bags and laughing, and complaining about the bitter cold. I hear you laughing and drinking and wondering how you can stand the line for the portable potty. It is fun, it is a lark It is just for the night. For you.Continue reading “Sleeping Out for One Night”


Somedays I sit at work, headphones on and not plugged into anything ( I just need a sound buffer and it keeps people from talking to me while I am zoned into work ) Somedays I create so many piles of paperwork that looks like a wood chipper has been emptied into here Somedays IContinue reading “Somedays”

I Hate You. Merry Christmas.

I leave you this Christmas with these thoughts to hold. I have a split personality, I am a curmudgeon who pretty much is annoyed by everyone and hates people as a whole, and also I love children and people as individuals. When I look at you, I am almost always trying to see what youContinue reading “I Hate You. Merry Christmas.”

How to use Overdrive to Listen to Books

Smart Phones and Library Books I have long been a fan of smart phones and cell phones for low income people. It is a great way to stay in contact with family and friends, make and keep appointments as well as access the internet. One of my favorite features on my smart phone ( IContinue reading “How to use Overdrive to Listen to Books”

A Letter to My Very White Daughter, From Your Mildly Racist Mother

Dear Darla, I like this photo. You are so stinking cute in a hoodie. Every time you put on a hoodie and go walking through our gated community – I immediately think of Trevon Martin and experience a flash of thankfulness that you are not black in America today. To be sure, there have beenContinue reading “A Letter to My Very White Daughter, From Your Mildly Racist Mother”

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