Every child deserves a bed. Happy Thanksgiving and pour me a stiff one.

As predicted, this week was some circle of Hades in my office where moms and dads crammed into the waiting room while my friends and coworkers and I rushed to triage and help them.

It was crazy and we can’t even be mad. Every child deserves a bed and a secure home. That is what all those parents are working for.

They weren’t the ones sliding into Mercedes-Benz after Off Ramp or Parking Lot begging. They are cleaning houses and flipping burgers and working on commission while learning trades or to speak English.

Sure, it would have been easier of the warm summer months had seen these faces walking in for housing and work assistance while the sun was bright and living was easier. But the crazy holidays are here, emotions are running high, it is too wet and cold to sleep in cars and in streets (even in Los Angeles) so here they are. Finally. Here they are to ask for help.

I can help their child have a bed if I help their parents make some changes.

But man, all the pseudo babble and politically correct views aside : I’m exhaused. If I had an alcohol problem I would have become a desk drinker by now.

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