Healthy , affordable, homemade

Feeds 4 or lasts for days! Cream of chicken soup – 2 cans for $1 Frozen chicken breasts -$4.00 Cumin … I don’t know. It’s in with my spices… maybe $1 Artichoke hearts $4 Noodles $1 Cheese $1 Add in extra veggies like carrots, peas, beans , for more nutrition.

Working (and using Welfare to Work)

We ran into for fries and this cashier said "You’re from the GAIN!". Yay! When we were collaborating on her life she was hired by Carl’s Jr and I had told her I would stop in and check on her. She is working but the low pay and minimum hours keep her tethered to cashContinue reading “Working (and using Welfare to Work)”

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