Ending Homelessness is a Fight

This week has been exhausting. I feel sore and tired and my hands ache. I’ve never noticed before how similar a fist is to holding a pen. Bang! Boom! Pow! Jumping in and mixing get it up with people’s lives is messy and the chaos comes from all sides. Sometimes my fiercest opponent is theContinue reading “Ending Homelessness is a Fight”

it’s like Christmas, only you’re getting your own stuff

I was checking the California State Controller’s office for unclaimed property and found more than I thought (but not the item I was expecting… hmm) most of it was easy to claim, 1 item will require my sending in my licence. https://ucpi.sco.ca.gov/ucp/Default.aspx

Addiction, making normal feel awef

Here is a video that explains addiction better than words can. I’ve met many people who were sidelined by addiction. For skme, the pursuit became all encompassing, for others it became a mandatory part of self maintenance. Some people are addicted and function just fine…but there are so many levels to be aware of. http://io9.com/this-deceptively-cute-animation-illustrates-the-horrors-1661191621Continue reading “Addiction, making normal feel awef”

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