The meaning of life.

At Arcadia High School I was every bit the smarta $$ I am today. I had a history teacher offer extra credit to anyone who could explain the "meaning of life".

So of course I did. I wrote a paper in crayon and marker and got my "A". I also got my life purpose at 16 from writing that.

What I wrote was that the state of "life" is biological. It is observable even in creatures that are not aware they are experiencing life (growth, change, reproduction … I want to say respiration). In and of it self, life has no meaning.

People need meaning. That is why people study things and grasp tightly to any theory that claims they are important. This is what made Gallelo an analysis of the Holy Roman State.

However, life without assigned meaning is without purpose and meaning. There is a challenge and excitement to taking something as unquantifiable as the experience of living and subjectively trying to control it by labeling a purpose to it and shaping the actions and human choices to that label.

***I decided that I wanted to label my own life and use my hours of awareness to be an agent of change and easement. I wanted to make the period of life and self awareness of other humans more bareable. ***

Of course, I thought I’d be a writer and toss in the "good doing" on the side. I had no plans to be a social worker.

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