Serving the people

I wrote to Jack Seiler and this is the letter he sent back . . . In case you have forgotten, he is from FLorida where a 90 year old man is arrested for feeding the homeless. Sonya, I appreciate the opportunity to clarify much of the misinformation that has been prevalent in the mediaContinue reading “Serving the people”

Frosty the Snowman

Questions I have as an adult: *Why isn’t she wearing pants? You know there were no leggings back in the day. *Why is there  no proctor at recess or adult supervision? *Did the kids take off with a snowman and No adult stops them including the cop *Did I just see them hop a train andContinue reading “Frosty the Snowman”

Every child deserves a bed. Happy Thanksgiving and pour me a stiff one.

As predicted, this week was some circle of Hades in my office where moms and dads crammed into the waiting room while my friends and coworkers and I rushed to triage and help them. It was crazy and we can’t even be mad. Every child deserves a bed and a secure home. That is whatContinue reading “Every child deserves a bed. Happy Thanksgiving and pour me a stiff one.”

Don’t take work home … an article from.Alabama

Thanks Jack Heine for sharing this. It is funny to me because I used to shale down my clients for their drugs and paraphernalia when they came to my office at LAMP. I kept it all locked in my desk and on the last day I turned over all the used needles to a needleContinue reading “Don’t take work home … an article from.Alabama”

The crazy week

Sweet baby Jesus, it is crazy. As the holidays draw near, the urgency of human need is crashing down on the heads of social workers, homeless shelters, teachers, family law professionals and the like. Sweet baby Jesus. Did I just say that? Family get together are on the horizon and people need to have successContinue reading “The crazy week”

Hey Hawaii’s Tom Brower

How about helping people and not trashing their belongings? Hawaii has a history of homeless people, I want to say the highest percentage of homelessmess.per capita for all of the 50 states. Part of it is cultural, part is due to mild climates. I’m going to say that part of it is due to recklessContinue reading “Hey Hawaii’s Tom Brower”

Healthy , affordable, homemade

Feeds 4 or lasts for days! Cream of chicken soup – 2 cans for $1 Frozen chicken breasts -$4.00 Cumin … I don’t know. It’s in with my spices… maybe $1 Artichoke hearts $4 Noodles $1 Cheese $1 Add in extra veggies like carrots, peas, beans , for more nutrition.

Working (and using Welfare to Work)

We ran into for fries and this cashier said "You’re from the GAIN!". Yay! When we were collaborating on her life she was hired by Carl’s Jr and I had told her I would stop in and check on her. She is working but the low pay and minimum hours keep her tethered to cashContinue reading “Working (and using Welfare to Work)”

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