Dear Homeless in L.A.

Just ask me. Don’t be embarrassed or awkward:just ask your questions so I might answer them here . You are probably not the only person with your question and everyone can benefit.

I will he running this mid week or as often as I have fodder for it.

I am not going to invent question, so please chime in.


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3 thoughts on “Dear Homeless in L.A.

  1. Hello Sonya,
    We have a campaign running here in Sydney, Australia and would love to know your thoughts. Our campaign is aimed at getting artists to collaborate and transform cardboard signs for the homeless to create something much more eye-catching. We would love to know your opinion as we are both in different areas of the Earth, just how are cardboard signs perceived in America.

    Street Side Gallery – JT

    1. That is a unique and wonderful idea. My suggestion would be for battery powered led lights in the signs for night time. .. or also offer to make decorative shelters or paint tents for them.

      Homelessness feels ugly, it doesn’t have to look that way

      1. Though we are aimed at transforming cardboard signs, that is a very good idea.
        Homelessness as described to me by those that I have spoken to is completely degrading and depressing, we really aim to change the negative perception that they receive by using this campaign as a means of evoking compassion.
        A big thank you for your reply Sonya.

        – JT

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