Approval Not Required

Respect is required to balance out gender roles. @arthuraidala of Foxnews applauds people on their outside appearance. Total strangers may warrant a standing ovation if they are 1. Female and 2. Pretty in his opinion.

So that bald and rude dude right there is a microcosm of what happens to women all the time.

This especially happens to poor women.

Poor women with children who are not attractive are treated with less kindness and respect than, say, Paris Hilton. She is attractive, not a parent, and not poor.

If Paris and Average Poor-Mom are carrying get heavy bags: Paris is getting help first.

If Paris and equally qualified Ms. Poor-Mom apply for a job, the pretty lady is getting good it.

If Poor-Mom, Paris, and bald Aidala all apply for a job they are equally qualified for — Mr. Aidala will most likely be hired. Why? Because he is male.

In my experiencd working woth the public in several venues, the rank of approval and trust goes thusly:

1. Rugged Adult male
2.Average adult male
3.Adult woman in pant suit
4. Attractive adult woman
5. Teen male
6. Adult male with criminal past
7. Average to unattractive female
8. Unwashed and inebriated adult male
9.Teen female
10. Children
11. Welfare Mom

It is not a wonder that men like Arthur Aidala act as if their approval is complimentary.

What would society look like if we respected all adults equally? He can start by giving his "slow clap ovation" to men as they walk by. Oh, too silly?

Maybe he could sit his butt down and continue to mind his own business as people walk by him.

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