Halloween, Scary Things, and Fear; what is okay as a halloween costume?

I am reading a lot of about why Ray Rice shouldn’t be a Halloween costume. The Devil = okay for Halloween. Ray Rice = not okay.


Can we talk about this?

Halloween is a chance to explore our fears, to laugh at what terrifies us, and to share and scare others with abominations of normalcy. Domestic Abuse is terrifying and an abomination.

*I don’t think it is appropriate to dress children up as adult issues – except for dressing as adult vocations like astronaut, mom, fireman, etc. that you have to be a certain age to be in real life but not obscene adult issues like exotic dancer or hobo or anyone affiliated with Ray Rice and abuse.

However, as adults, yes. This should be fair game.

*Anyone, real or imagined, current or historical figure is fair game in my Halloween play book. Hitler, Stalin, Ghangus Khan, Ray Rice, Maury Povich, players of the NFL ; if you are the stuff of nightmares then you are the right stuff for a scary Halloween Costume and you deserve to be mocked until you hold no more power over us with your fear inducing behaviors. This extends to current news worthy events like diseases such as Ebola and Chicken Pox and illnesses such as Leprosy, They are scary , Halloween is about facing fears for one night.

Victims are not appropriate costumes – they are not scary and mocking them is not okay. The Homeless, the hanged, the discriminated against, the powerless are not scary and they have not done anything to warrant your fear or mockery. Ray Rice is fair game, his wife should not be. OJ Simpson is fair game, Nicole Simpson is not. If you are going to draw a politically correct line that still respects the origin of the holiday… draw it here and be less staunchy about people who have a different idea of appropriate than you do.

Go ahead – disagree.

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