Real Men Do

Real men do abuse, kill and maim.
I keep hearing people, even the POTUS , say "Real men dont…"
But that’s not true is it? We are not imagining people who commit heinous acts. We have not been invaded by body snatchers.

Real men rape.
We don’t like it. We don’t approve. But if we can dismiss these people as less or other than human then we don’t have to address the bigger issue.

People are animals. Two legged, speaking, usually dressed animals and we travel in packs. In clubs, fraternities, families, countries etc. We behave the way we do towards other people because we are near other people.

And once we call every person a PERSON , not 2/3rds a person or an unreal person, but actual person we can address, plan and change behaviors.

Individual people and large populations of people _ it is human string theory. The same item (people) reacts differently on micro and macro levels.

We need evaluation, education, training, cultural changes … starting with naming it for what it is.

We don’t dehumanize. We won’t use words that keep our minds slipping off the topic like Teflon.

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