Multiple Personality

Summary of the annoyance that produced my PO’D paper pusher personality…

Client " I went to jail and my psych says…"
Me "Stop"
Client " well I’m on medication for…"
Me "Don’t tell me"
Client " I don’t plant to look for work because. .."
Me "Read this please. It is the rule about being self sufficient and paying your own way"
Client, rising and peeking out the door "Well, I just came over to say hello and make friends with you."

Me: Shut Up! Sit down and shut up.
"Please. I don’t need to know all that.
I have a job to do so let me do it… in silence "

Client "But I …"

Me " I’m not letting you leave until you sit down, be quiet and focus. I’m not playing with you."

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