when no one is looking

I don’t always complain about life in a cube (I am the only one with my own windows, after all) or about people who don’t really want to take care of themselves ( I suspect that no one really wants to be self-reliant, it is just easier for some people to lead the charge and not be afraid to make life altering choices). I do more than run to 7-eleven and sing daily for free coffee.

When no one is looking

And few people can hear

I listen, I plot, and I case manage. In other words, I do the work I love doing and hate that there is a need for.

Example :

He works forty hours a week. It takes 2 hours on the bus to get to work and 2 hours to come home.

8 hours of work + 1 hour lunch + 2 hours to + 2 hours from =13 hours each day for work.

This leaves 11 hours for family, but 8 of them are needed for sleep. So now he has 3 hours for family time.

Because he works the late shirt, he catches the 2pm bus to work. His children are in school until 2:15. HE sees them each morning as they wake up for school and he is coming in from work.

Except: he doesn’t have a home.

His wife is pregnant and recently diagnosed with Diabetes and they have to school aged children. When she lost her job they could not afford their apartment and have been couch surfing ever since.

Wife feels like a failure, she is lost and feels alone/ Husband is doing all he can – he doesn’t have much time to look for another, closer, better paying job. She doesn’t think anyone will hire her while she is pregnant.

So I ask you:

How would you help them?

What suggestions would you make?

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One thought on “when no one is looking

  1. Ty is our grandson, and we are very proud of him for hepling to collect food on Halloween, for the Roadrunner Food Bank,instead of going out for candy, as most children do on Halloweeen. Jenn, and David (my daughter-in-law and son) are wonderful parents and are teaching Ty to think about others who are less fortunate, even on a fun night such as Halloween. Some children and families don’t get to experience the fun part of halloween, because of their circumstances, and hopefully the food he helped to collect will help them, and encourage others to help also. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and it would be wonderful if Ty’s effort is just the start of a more caring community to share with those who are having a difficult time of it.

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