Noh8 , duct tape and Texas Religious Freedom

3 thoughts on “Noh8 , duct tape and Texas Religious Freedom

  1. I think it’s actually a brilliant strategy to use the tape across the mouth. First, as Christians, we are being bullied and silenced by the liberal society into not preaching our Bible doctrine that has been preached since the beginning of time. We are being threatneed with legal action and jail time for excersising our freedom of speech so yes, tape on the mouth is pretty accurate. We are being told to sit down, shut up, and accept a lifestyle that we know to be sinful based on our Biblical beliefs. Also it’s quite brilliant that the tape is used in comparrison to the NOH8 campaign because liberals are SO tolerant right? They are so open to other peoples lifestyle’s and other people’s beliefs and opinions right? Except when it comes to something they disagree with. So us using the tape is really just a brilliant symbol that is throwing their “tolerance” right back in their faces.

    1. No one is telling anyone to keep religious beliefs silent, just not to legislate them.

      Teach people to internalized the morals and precepts important to you in other venues… like church.

      Religion does not belong in law

      1. You’re right…it does belong in Church….so why does the Mayor of Houston have the right to invade our churches and ask for our sermons?

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