Where is she? Has Sonya gone missing? Update

I have not been missing, I have only not had time for blogging.

Real life is a 24/7 kind of thing and my youngest daughter is in every minute when I am not at work, and of course work takes up all of my time between 8 am and 5 pm 5 days a week. Sadly, voice recognition software is not reliable enough for me to narrate my blog entries.

Currently I am taking a 10 minute break from work. Theoretically I should be taking a walk down Naomi Street in Burbank and calling my Grandmother. Today I am determined to sit here and chat with you.

Work is depressing. This week I have been taking a holistic look at the population I am working with and the number of single parent homes with children too young to attend school is staggering. They are the majority of the homeless families I see. As the single parent of a 3 year old myself; I know how this happens and how this can happen, but it still is so sad to see.

Holidays are approaching and the local nonprofit agencies have already taken signups for Christmas Donations. I am working on the mendgala if you have a suggested donor.

And, I have been looking at grad schools because I feel like I have more to give and need more tools and letters behind my name for credibility.

In my personal life, I have done my part to end homelessness by renting my extra room to a lady and her daughter. I don’t like having other people in my home who touch my stuff, and insist on using my silverware and can’t manage to pay the full rent on time…but I can’t throw them out either – it would be rude. I have been fulfilling my resolution to spend more time with friends and make sure that Darla has a core group of girlfriends to replace the sisters who went missing a year ago and for whom she mourns actively. Oh, and I finally ordered art work for my living room. Yay for me!

I still remain as the only monolingual English speaking Caucasian in my workplace and my name is still attached to 3 times the average case load so of course I have been too busy to do more than forward articles on homelessness. I will try to say hello more often.

Oh, one of my little kid books was picked up by MaryTylerMom. Find my stories here: http://www.amazon.com/Sonya-Keith/e/B005MMNIDW

In the meantime, tell me what questions you have.

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