Amish Romance Novels have Colored My Case Management

I graduated from The University of La Verne, which used to be Lordsburg ; historically a Brethren institution. Brethren, Quaker, Amish. Simple and sweet and somewhat similar.

Graduation was over a decade ago and I have lost sight of some of the tenants. Fortunately I’ve been listening to the Overdrive application on my phone and making my way through the genres when Chic Lit /Romance had a turn. Somehow I found a series of Amish Romances.

What have I learned from this?

1. A reminder that simplicity does not mean deprivation

2. Things take time and it is okay to dedicate time to doing chores and even fine to enjoy them

3. Television is both a luxury and distraction

4. Books are gold

5. Family is everything

6. Forgiveness and trust come in a variety of layers

7. I really like jeans and scandalous clothing get and short church sermons

How does that affect my work?

Many of my homeless or near homeless people are doing without indoor plumbing of their own and don’t have electricity or televisions or video games.

These are 1st world problems and magnifies because we live in the 1st world.

Many of them are living lives that entire countries would envy with multiple changes of clothong, fresh water and fresh fruits and vegetables.

I’ve been less sorry for people when they unpack their troubles and more able to pinpoint the foundation beams of their suffering.

Amish Romance has been like liposuction for the dramas I try to cut through.

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