Why do we only hear Hero or Horror stories about Homeless people

Media: I only hear stories of homeless people who go on crime sprees or homeless people who returned a lot of money. There is no middle ground. We did not hear stories of the poor who are also just average people.

Of course I work exclusively with homeless families and , like the general population, they come in all flavors. Very few of them are criminally insane and just as few are living saints.

Popular media wants us to know that people are poor because they are bad people. Televangelist like Joel Osteen want you to believe that God blesses the faithful with prosperity. A fair portion of the poor are devout believers.

When a child or homeless person turns In a lost purse or large sum of money we are surprised. Seriously, news broadcasts paint children and the poor with the same moral brush.

Addressing the issue of homelessness starts with
Meeting and appreciating people who are homeless or at risk of losing their housing.

I don’t expect a special report of “Mom with limited funds and living on WIN coupons in the local shelter has a day of wiggle filled children, after school homework that no one understands and a parent teacher conference at the local elementary school. She also sewed three scout patches on and listened to her kids ask to go to Disneyland for the fifth time this month.”

I’m telling you that this is a more accurate picture of who a homeless person is…but I can’t run “film at 11”, so who will believe me?

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One thought on “Why do we only hear Hero or Horror stories about Homeless people

  1. I have been homeless, off and on since 16. Now 54 and lucky not to be on the streets. What I’m reading here is totally the real world. I also work with the homeless now. Thanks…

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