Dear Homeless in LA. First letter!

This morning we had our first letter as shown in the image. My best answer is that Homelessness feels ugly, it doesn’t have to look ugly too. I’ve discovered some talented artist through the LAMP art project and Art Works (Rory White is a certified master). But I’ve never thought of using that art forContinue reading “Dear Homeless in LA. First letter!”

Dear Homeless in L.A.

Just ask me. Don’t be embarrassed or awkward:just ask your questions so I might answer them here . You are probably not the only person with your question and everyone can benefit. I will he running this mid week or as often as I have fodder for it. I am not going to invent question,Continue reading “Dear Homeless in L.A.”

Approval Not Required

Respect is required to balance out gender roles. @arthuraidala of Foxnews applauds people on their outside appearance. Total strangers may warrant a standing ovation if they are 1. Female and 2. Pretty in his opinion. Wow. So that bald and rude dude right there is a microcosm of what happens to women all the time.Continue reading “Approval Not Required”

Halloween, Scary Things, and Fear; what is okay as a halloween costume?

I am reading a lot of about why Ray Rice shouldn’t be a Halloween costume. The Devil = okay for Halloween. Ray Rice = not okay. HALLOWEEN IS ABOUT WHAT FREAKS US OUT Can we talk about this? Halloween is a chance to explore our fears, to laugh at what terrifies us, and to shareContinue reading “Halloween, Scary Things, and Fear; what is okay as a halloween costume?”

How is @Walmart still in businesses?

Silence of the Lambs much? Fat costumes with men dressed in side body forms for large females… why not call this :Silence of the Lambswool bucket and lotion accessories @walmarthub? Ugh. Just not classy and also not anatomically correct. So Walmart thinks butts and saggy boobs are funny with dripping stomach rolls? Where are theContinue reading “How is @Walmart still in businesses?”

Answers Happen Everywhere

An Engineer and a Farmer walk into a restaurant… And do immeasurable good. This civil Engineer has built raised garden boxes for over 100 families. He lives in my Hometown of Arcadia where he spends his week days improving that city and his free time feeding the homeless with his church and connecting to MENDContinue reading “Answers Happen Everywhere”

Real Men Do

Real men do abuse, kill and maim. I keep hearing people, even the POTUS , say "Real men dont…" But that’s not true is it? We are not imagining people who commit heinous acts. We have not been invaded by body snatchers. Real men rape. We don’t like it. We don’t approve. But if weContinue reading “Real Men Do”

MEND Featured in Drive Time on KNX

Awesome email from Marianne Haver Hill > This evening (Friday) at about 5:45, MEND was featured as part of KNX News Radio’s monthly “On Your Corner” live broadcast. This month, the station’s on air talent broadcast from the City of San Fernando, and businesses and organizations in the Northeast Valley were featured. > > ThisContinue reading “MEND Featured in Drive Time on KNX”

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