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Pregnancy isn’t fair.
It only happens in women and not always when they want it.

My conservative friends are talking to their screens right now, explaining that Sex is only for reproduction and any woman who doesn’t want a baby should not be having sex. Unfairly, they are not saying the same thing about men. It is harder for a woman to say she isn’t pregnant or to claim the child who is still fresh from her body is not hers. My father loves the Blonde Joke of the woman who asked the delivery nurse “Is it mine?”. I’ve sat in the maternity ward with an adult male who looked me in the eye to say he was having a Facebook discussion with his friends about if he should admit our daughter is his – and how easily he could deny her without having to face the emotional, and financial change parenting makes to a life.

Absentee Fathers, for whatever reason, are a huge contributor to poverty in women and children.

Children need 24 hour a day monitoring, then there are the costs of food and clothing and those little people take up space so shelter needs change as well. This does not include optional costs of entertainment, school projects, baby supplies (my first child never had a changing table because I didn’t have the room or ability to buy one).

Every time I see a mother at my work, I see an adult human who has taken in the responsibility of the life that came from her. I see many more mom’s than I do dads. You don’t hear “Welfare Dad” for the same reason you don’t hear “Supermodel Brain Surgeon” … it happens, but not frequently enough to be familiar with the concept.

I see hundreds on mothers to young children who are homeless in Los Angeles.

So birth control is free with Medi-Cal. (Medicaid is called that here in California because we like renaming programs to include our state’s name.)

* The ethical debate is that if Hobby Lobby and other companies can refuse birth control options based on their beliefs, should the public push birth control onto women as an option based on their income? *

Abortion services are also covered under the public medical program for the poor. Which is the greater affront to the polite public- birth control or abortion? Or… are we still stuck on the idea that women who are currently poor, or would be if they raised a child, should be banned from the act of sex based on financial factors?

And p.s. where is the public outcry and uprising and political grandstanding demanding that fathers be as responsible as mothers? Republicans, I’m looking at you.

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