Spell it out

Sometimes when you work with a marginalized population, you hire from that same pool of clients and they become your coworkers.

This means that your coworker is sometimes a toothless lady to hitched her way across the country to by performing sexual acts on truck drivers.

Clearly, comprising is key. I used to give Spartan notebooks with goals to the people I supervised and have them bring the books to our staff meeting gs and stand up meetings (4 minute before shift chats). Often I would wrote their daily goals and specific appointments in the books to keep people focused and on task.

I still do this for myself, by the way. Sometimes in a notebook like this one, often on my desk in washable marker.

My hitchhiking coworker :became an outstanding advocate for the poor by the way. It helped, she said, to see it in writing that she had someone who believed in her.


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