Let’s Educate Ourselves… Angry Republican Rant.

F.Y.I. This is where Syria is on the map. Many of my friends are spouting get off about politics today (eyeroll) and the few I asked literally could not locate Syria when I removed the marker.

Of course, some of them were angry our President said ISIL instead of ISIS. Clearly, I know some stupid people who feel really good about themselves for having strong opinions but don’t have real information other than FOX news to back up the or claims.

It seems to me that there is somewhere else in the world where more than just 2 grown male reporters were killed. Isn’t there a place where massacre is going on and babies are being blown to bits?

Oh, I asked someone about the Gaza strip, and no joke, she thought I meant a feminine pad.

What does this have to do with homelessness? People who no longer have standing homes seem pretty homeless to me. So, can we care more than about our own selves just for a minute?

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