Dear @Verizon @verizonwireless, we have the same problem

Months ago I lost my primary cell phone. My 3 year old daughter was playing with it when it disappeared.
Having no home phone and living alone , I couldn’t easily find it.

What I did have was my sister in law’s former phone number sitting dormant in my Verizon account and my old phone. I activated the phone with her phone number, charged the phone and called myself.

Low and behold…Darla’s dolls were having a tea party with the phone at the bottom of her toy bin.

Darla called her best friend (aka her Great Grandmother ) and then I turned the phone off to deal with whatever adventure having a toddler afforded me.

Two months later I got a shocker. I expected the bill to be about $10 more for the line being active. I did not expect the additional data charges and more. Excuse me? The Family Plan has shared data across all of the lines (except mine) to share.


So I called Verizon and I went into the Verizon store and I Direct Messenged them through Twitter.


One representative could not understand why I couldn’t use the dead phone to transfer my active number to that phone and call my missing ohone. Huh? Then my newer phone wouldn’t ring?!?!

Another represented the company policy as expensive unless I was going to cancel my phone service all together – yes. He advocated I leave service with Verizon.

Anyway, I suspended service on that number again. Oops. This month the service connected again because the 90 days of suspension elapsed.

An extra $62.00 was charged to me because once again, Verizon decoded to tack on a data package fee to a phone I never use.


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