This is the face of Thursday


Psychiatric Emergency Teams, Police, reports, manipulate hijinks and one nasty papercut. Today is Thursday of a 4 day work week and I’m ready to crawl under my bed…and 2 more coworkers are quitting.

Someone, somewhere, is handing out my office phone number to people who are homeless and at risk of eviction.
While I appreciate the act of faith, at work I can only help parents on cash assistance who are homeless in the San Fernando Valley.  I’m not being a jerk, I am having boundaries and doing my job. If I try to help everyone I won’t actually help anyone because homeless case management is intense and time consuming.

Someone said I always sound cranky here. Let me apologize a day explain that I am blogging often from the ladies room because at my desk I am focused. (And just having to do anything in the bathrooms here will kill your mood).


p style=”text-align:center;”>On the lighter side, I secretly have a cat ear headband on and a new lanyard from Origami Owl. 

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