Abortion , Birth Control , Poverty, Homelessness

Pregnancy isn’t fair. It only happens in women and not always when they want it. My conservative friends are talking to their screens right now, explaining that Sex is only for reproduction and any woman who doesn’t want a baby should not be having sex. Unfairly, they are not saying the same thing about men.Continue reading “Abortion , Birth Control , Poverty, Homelessness”

Social Work is Really Paperwork

There are days when no one comes in to the office for a meeting with me. There are no days that I have nothing going on schedule. 70% of social work is really paperwork : filing , sorting , mailing, faxes, emails… . We all have bandages tucked into desk drawers just waiting for theContinue reading “Social Work is Really Paperwork”

Spell it out

Sometimes when you work with a marginalized population, you hire from that same pool of clients and they become your coworkers. This means that your coworker is sometimes a toothless lady to hitched her way across the country to by performing sexual acts on truck drivers. Clearly, comprising is key. I used to give SpartanContinue reading “Spell it out”

Women’s Pay With Education

Education and ethnicity still not equalize pay for women. Still less than pay for men. So: 1. Research pay for your field of interest. 2. Speak to others who have the job you want and ask about pay and benefits … you will need this to negotiate. 3. Do not ask this of the folksContinue reading “Women’s Pay With Education”

Sterilize Poor People

Oh wait, just the women…because low income women clearly get themselves pregnant with no help from sperms makers known as men. Seriously Arizona? Republicans, your driving me crazy with your women’s oppression and criminalization of poverty. http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/09/12/conservative-christian-gop-official-sterilize-poor-women-who-get-federal-aid-and-put-them-through-hell-audio/ I’m going to start a list of folks who need to STFU

Let’s Educate Ourselves… Angry Republican Rant.

F.Y.I. This is where Syria is on the map. Many of my friends are spouting get off about politics today (eyeroll) and the few I asked literally could not locate Syria when I removed the marker. Of course, some of them were angry our President said ISIL instead of ISIS. Clearly, I know some stupidContinue reading “Let’s Educate Ourselves… Angry Republican Rant.”

Who Earns Minimum Wage

Half a million workers. And these are not always temporary jobs. Think on that. And then think that it is easy to blame the employees and vilify the poor:but the problem is the lack of jobs. How do we create more jobs. Real jobs. Real pay. Do we bring back all the outsourced jobs orContinue reading “Who Earns Minimum Wage”

Happy Dance and Carl’s Jr

My clients to found employment at Carl’s Jr. And I got excited because I had someone to talk with about their app. Oh, and of course this means money to pay for shelter and food and stuff for her, but look, a phone app! It the little things that bring me joy and remind meContinue reading “Happy Dance and Carl’s Jr”

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