The ALS Ice bucket challenge

Bracing and embracing awareness.

I do (shocker) a lot of charity work and make donations and volunteer and I am fully aware of how hard it is to excite people about a cause.

Just last week I asked here and on my Facebook page about their favorite charities and I heard crickets chirping before a few people wandered by to post.

In my family my Grandmother had Polio, Diabetes killed my mother and various family members are sporting a colorful variety of mental illnesses. I don’t think that even my family donates to these particular causes. We’re exhausted by the diseases and at the end of the day too hopeless and deep in despair to donate anything.

So here is this Ice Bucket thingies and everyone seems to be doing it for the past week.

Use Charity Navigator to find the best use of your donation and hop to it!

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