I am “Not Accomplished” – but I am offended. In Defense of the “Slackers”

Sure, sure, I can play seven instruments proficiently and sing and draw and have written a newspaper column and won awards for this here blog and some of my charity work – and I have two beautiful and smart daughters. Oh, I have had my paintings and my written works published in real books and not the self-published Kindle Books ( although you can find me there too).  But these are more along the lines of “Random Sonya Adventures” and not the classical “Accomplishments” such as dual degrees and holding the position of CFO or CEO etcetera, etcetera. .

I was blindsided this weekend and I really should not have been, but I was and two days later I remain angry and hurt. At a dinner with rocket scientists and engineers the talk came about to parenting and children. “Accomplishment is the most important thing. Children need to be accomplished.”


Children need to be decent human beings who grow up into decent human beings.

I want my girls and all the children of my clients and all of the friends of my children to be three things:

1. Happy

2. Healthy

3. Well Adjusted

If I had not been sitting in a corner and if I would not have had to climb out over and behind people, I would have left the dinner party. The question remains unanswered as to what made me more uncomfortable –

  1. The senior citizen saying she knew her new boyfriend didn’t wear a toupee because it feels real when she pulls on his hair (eww, I was eating. . . was).
  2. The insinuation that I was a walking and talking failure to my parents because I only have 1 degree and no fame or social acclaim to speak of. ( Let us not even think about how my baby brother would measure on this scale!) Also, my value system was knocked because I drive a gas efficient 9-year-old non-luxury car because I am more interested in getting around town than “taking care of myself”.

If I am not good enough to be held in high esteem just as I am, then your value system is crap and I don’t think I need to be near you. If you can not look up and understand that you are calling the person directly across the table from you as “LOSER”   then you have lost my desire to know you.

What do you all think is important in character and child development?

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