Drugs, Alcohol, and Welfare. Butt Out

cocaine, coke, dollar, welfareWelfare and Drugs : the Only 2 Things You Should Care About When They Mix

“I don’t want my tax dollars used for drugs” “Poor people are poor because they make bad choices, poor people on drugs are criminals.” , “Poor People? We hate them!”.

Oh my god, get over yourself and shut up. Just shut it.

You should not care more if someone on public aid using drugs than you care if the coworker next to you is on drugs.

There are only two things you should care about.

  1. Is the drug and alcohol use interfering with them ending their poverty
  2. Are they capable parents while being involved with substances?

Accepting public cash aid is not the same as opening your diary to the world and inviting them to judge your choices. Nowhere in the thick pile of paper is there a place to sign away your privacy and invite the general public in to tell you how to live.

Also, there is no vow of sobriety to take when applying for public assistance benefits.

Many people use substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and combinations of these as a way to self-medicate emotional and mental health issues. Those issues are what needs to be addressed.

If substance use is actually substance abuse, I direct people into evaluations for treatment. This is California, no one can be forced into treatment, but there are consequences for not being a competent parent. Child Services will become involved.


There are consequences for not being stable enough to look for work or hold down employment and transition to financial self-sufficiency – you lose access to public assistance.

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