Police , good, bad, and who’s accountable

As you know, I run into the police frequently. Fortunately this is at my request when I have someone sitting with me who wants to die or has plans to kill their children. A few weeks ago the Arcadia S.W.A.T. team walked into my back yard before I even put the phone down from a 911 call.

Watching the Arcadia Police and the Burbank police in action is very different than watching the Central Division police on Skid Row.

I grew up in a nice little city and was raised to believe the police were my "go to reacuers". If I was lost, tell a police officer. If I was hurt or scarwd, the police would protect me and find me help. Other than the disturbing lack if female officers in Arcadia, I have found this to be true and I follow a few officers on Facebook and Twitter.

Working on Skid Row was an education. Every nasty thing I had heard about the police was played out in front of me.

My friend Celine and I were harassed and followed and eventually ticketed by the police when she refused to agree to a date.

"I’m white and I’m scared! " became our mantra when we needed to police (not the private central city red shirt safety squad) to swiftly arrive.

I watched the LAPD S.W.A.T. walk away from a Police officer who decided to wait at Starbucks and arrest a visibly homeless man as soon as he finished his coffee.

—- what is the difference between a good police force and a corrupt force? —

Leadership and accountability.

I know first hand that it is easy to start seeing everyone as a degenerate and using work as a way to punish folks sounds tempting and occasionally rightious. I like to believe that if I chose to act that way, my leadership would correct and educate me.

The Arcadia and Burbank Poli,ce are led by strong, dedicated, moral people who adhere to the law and instruct their forces to do the same with community policing and politeness.

WHEN Ferguson and New York have peoblems, I want to know where their leaders are. I know they are not Tom Selleck in "Blue Bloods". But where are they? Why don’t we hear honesty and sincerity from them during a crisis and especially in times of rest.

I still believe the police are a sage group of people there to serve. Of course I am white, and female, and never had to have "the talk about the police.

Read about the militarization of police here: http://buzzpo.com/message-cop-militarization-police/

"No one hates a bad cop more than the good cops!"

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