Prevent Homelessness, from Robin Williams’ Senate Testimony

We cannot be a kinder, blinder nation. We must look, and you have to see it, and it’s there…. I do believe this can work in an incredible way, from a grassroots level, that the money can get to that and prevent, truly prevent, homelessness. That’s where it lies. You can’t keep picking people up,Continue reading “Prevent Homelessness, from Robin Williams’ Senate Testimony”

I am an expert on the underbelly of humanity

My notes from Domestic Violence education and the Substance Use seminar look more cheerful than I felt. So I may or may not have bought chocolate and soda on my way home. It is hard to run into these issues in person but it is twice as stressful to spend six hours discussing them. AndContinue reading “I am an expert on the underbelly of humanity”

Riding the Metro

I’ve wondered and know I know :a TAP card can be purchased with an EBT card at the metro. That’s what the QUEST Logo means. I have had a love of the Metro since it was the RTD and was first put from Long Beach to L.A. where I would catch a bus to RobertsonContinue reading “Riding the Metro”

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