Dealing with the Mentally Ill can Mad You Angry

Sometimes people are just awful by choice. Ugh

Sometimes people are awful because they are paranoid or manic and severely in need of medication and professional helo.

I see both groups of people on a daily basis. It is important to know the difference.

God awful and angry non compliant folks usually have had a terrible experience somewhere. It is my job to be a better experience a day start a new relationship with this folk as if I didn’t know they were terrible headaches.

Honestly :it works.

Mentally ill folks need to be identified and treated as suxh. It is cruel to them, and to the worker an traid anyone in earshot to try to speak with someone who is not equipped to understand what you say and can not take action. It is also questionable as to the legality of asking them to sign legal contracts.

Basic line workers need training on deciphering the difference and addressing these populations. Their supervisors should be taught not to gossip about them after the client leaves.


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