Me, Dad, Football and the 15,000 Homeless Vets in California

First, meet Dad, an actual rocket scientist and stuff. We went to the Cowboys vs Chargers game last night and watch the salute to the military.

There were just over 52,000 fans in the stadium.

All I saw was that there are more homeless veterans (approximately 62,000 in 2012) than there were bodies I was sitting among.

25% of homeless veterans live in Californian.

15,000 former Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are homeless in California.

The Navy Seals were awesome and it was with a grateful heart that I watched the tribute and I’m ever aware that my freedoms and way of life are preserved by the choices these people made (or were drafted into).

What do you know about Veteran Homelessness.
What are you doing to address it.

Why? Did you ask me why?!? Be aware and concerned and take some form of action to improve their lives because it won’t be paying it forward – it will be repaying them for what they’ve done for you.

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