Crisis Meets Soccer Mom

The worst part about working within the homeless community is the lack of easy answers and quick  fixes.

Every person I meet is in a toxic crisis of being homeless. These folks are abused, some confused, and all of them need a safe place to put their kids into bed.

As for me, I now have two children (20 & 3 years old) and while I read and network and social network and volunteer, I feel useless. I don’t have better answers now than on my first day.

My super power is motivation and attitude. I can perk people and push them to try new things and make hard choices while they find their own solutions.

None of this makes it any better that my phone always rings and I’m afraid to leave my desk, but the restroom is 100 yards away. I have to make a run for it every time and push through the crowd by the copy machine.

I feel like a fraud and have a hard time feeling good about the vast resources I do have.

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