Less than 2 weeks until school starts, siblings split between schools in Westwood.

Parents of new Kindergarten kids recieved an email Aug. 1st 2014 that their children won’t fit into classes at Westwood Charter Elementary in L.A. parents have to redo day care and transportation plans and in many cases kids the children in families are being split between two different schools starting at the same time.

Children with I.E.P.s will not easily be moved to the new school to be with younger siblings and the school has not taken I to consideration the families with multiple students already enrolled there.

Less than 2 weeks is not enough notice. Kindergarten enrollment started last Sprinh. No notice was given to the families that this might be the case.

Why do I care? Because even Brentwood and Westwood , the west side and Beverly Hills have low income and he less families. Day care is expensive, gas and bus fare is expensive and now these families are no longer looking forward to the first day of school in buildings they have toured along routes they have memorized.

Now it is a last minute logistics nightmare and the LAUSD has not served these families well or with dignity.

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