Update on my inspiration board

Clients and folks I serve while volunteering have told me : "You don’t know what it’s like to be a single parent! " " poverty is hard, there is no escape " "A.I.D.s is a death sentence, why should I have goals?" "Addiction is all I am, not something I’m dealing with. There is noContinue reading “Update on my inspiration board”

You will never understand what it’s like to be Black in a White World

I think the United States operates on the Brown Bag beauty test – and if you are darker than the bag you will get short changed.

September 2014 new MTA Bus Fare Rates

Taking public transportation is about to become more expensive. Hopefully the quality and number of routes will improve with these extra dollars. The monthly 30 day bus pass is jumping $25 from $75 to $100. Some bus riders do so because it is GREEN and the right thing to do for the environment. Other busContinue reading “September 2014 new MTA Bus Fare Rates”

I am “Not Accomplished” – but I am offended. In Defense of the “Slackers”

Sure, sure, I can play seven instruments proficiently and sing and draw and have written a newspaper column and won awards for this here blog and some of my charity work – and I have two beautiful and smart daughters. Oh, I have had my paintings and my written works published in real books andContinue reading “I am “Not Accomplished” – but I am offended. In Defense of the “Slackers””

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