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HElp teach Darla about the real value of people
Help teach Darla about the real value of people

You all know that Poverty and Homelessness are causes close to my heart. I am trying to find ways to explain poverty, culteral diversity , and appriciation for who people ARE rather than what they HAVE to my daughter.
This is my result.
I want to spend time taking Darla to all the different types of neighborhoods that we can reach on the weekends. WE will take photos and eventually publish an e-book about her adventures and what she has learned.
YOU can be in the book!

YOU can give us instructions on locations to explore.

We will be eating the local food and staying where we travel.

Our book will explore poverty, racism, cultural diversity and how other people live (rich and poor).

Please support us!

Successful or not, you know I won’t raise another Ethan Couch!

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